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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

I have the opportunity to shoot lots of events in Los Angeles where I am based, this event in particular is one of my favorites. The event was to honor activism in media by the Creative Visions Foundation and had may notable people in attendance including Maria Bello, Kweku Mandela, Micheal Bedner, Kathy Eldon, John Turtletaub, Leif Coorlim and others that want to make change in our world.

What was so fun about this event is the people there. They were, and are, generally interested in making change in the world. You can see it in the way they approach each other, the way the interact and the way they present themselves on stage. The way I work at each event, is as if I am shooting an editorial spread, I try and capture the movement, energy, time and space of the event and place.

When I am taking photos, I try and think of how those photos might be used in magazines, flyers, social media and other marketing materiel. I aim to grasp the energy and feeling of the evening from the red carpet, to the people attending, to the message that the event, charity or honoree is trying to convey.

I take a lot of joy in working with the coordinators, and event managers to make sure my end is seamless, easy to work with and a world class product at the end of  the event.

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